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Dawn Jones
Custer Cottage
Wichita, Kansas  67217
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I Will Wear Lace
As I approach an older age, I will wear lace, lace, lace.
No, not just the weathered and beige,
all kinds and colors and styles;
even the funny ones that bring on big smiles!

I will wear it as much and as often as I can,
some made by machine and some made by hand.
While making my outer shell look gentle and refined,
it is covering the flaws of old age and time.
Dawn Jones

Handspun Yarn

Handspun or homespun yarn can look like yarn from a shop, or look totally different.  I may spin naturally colored wool, or put everything under the sun in my yarn, especially if it adds color and sparkles.  I may use one ply wool, or use one ply of wool and ply it with a ribbon, thread, commercially manufactured novelty yarn, or even grandma's old crochet thread.

At this time, my yarn is for sale at Twist Yarn Shop, Wichita, KS, or at shows I participate in.  If you are interested in purchasing handspun yarn, and you are not near Twist, contact me.  Thank you for looking!

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