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I Will Wear Lace
As I approach an older age, I will wear lace, lace, lace.
No, not just the weathered and beige,
all kinds and colors and styles;
even the funny ones that bring on big smiles!

I will wear it as much and as often as I can,
some made by machine and some made by hand.
While making my outer shell look gentle and refined,
it is covering the flaws of old age and time.
Dawn Jones

#044 Royal Blue Homespun Tea Cozy With Light Blue Satin Roses

This lovely tea cozy is knitted with homespun royal blue, turquoise, and white wool mixed with a small amount of nylon blue sparkle.  You have to have that sparkle!  The yarn is plied with a thin light blue satin ribbon.  Along the upper section of the cozy, light blue ribbon roses in-circle the cozy.  The satin ribbon gives the yarn extra shine and glamor.
This cozy is reversible with an off white and varied blue knitted interior.  A lace edge is crocheted around the bottom.  The spout and handle openings are crocheted around.  This edging is done using the royal blue wool mix.
The height is approximately 8.5 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide.  I use the longest and widest points to measure.  The handle opening is 2.5 inches from the bottom and  is 3.25 inches long.  The spout opening is 3.75 inches from the bottom and is 2.25 inches long.  This cozy is knitted in a pattern which allows for the teapot to be fitted snugly and also will stretch to fit a somewhat larger teapot.
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