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Welcome to Custer Cottage where you will find heritage crafts for hearth and home whether it be a cottage or a castleI desire to be surrounded with vintage romantic beauty.  I remember grandma's home where quilts were on every bed, doilies decorated all table tops, flower printed paper was on the walls, and lace curtains blew in the room with each breeze.  I embrace these cherished memories and delight in bringing old fashioned charm from my home to yours through all of my hand made products.
Many of these products are made with handspun wool.  I prefer to purchase my wool directly from the farmer.  I wash, comb, and spin the wool.  I may dye the yarn, or use natural colored wool.

Another passion of mine is making soap.  I started  making soap for my home and over the years I expanded my soap types and techniques.  All soap products are made with mostly natural ingredients and much like grandma made.  I just enrich the soap qualities and add a little sparkle.  I like to look at the bright side of life.

Click on the above picture and view my product line.  I am always interested in the views and opinions of other people, so feel free to contact me. 
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I teach soap making and spinning classes.  If you are interested in taking classes, please contact me.
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